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Argentina Primera C Metro Predictions

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DateLgTeam A Match Score Team B Tip Odd Book Result +
06/15 18:00ArgentinaCentral CordobaCentral Cordoba - Claypole3-1Claypole121.30 vip correct
06/15 18:00ArgentinaGeneral LamadridGeneral Lamadrid - Victoriano Arena2-0Victoriano Arena1x1.10 vip correct
06/15 18:00ArgentinaEl PorvenirEl Porvenir - Deportivo Espano0-0Deportivo Espano1x1.33 vip correct
06/15 18:00ArgentinaClub LujanClub Lujan - CA Atlas0-1CA Atlas1x1.13 vip wrong
06/15 18:00ArgentinaSportivo BarracaSportivo Barraca - Defensores de Ca1-0Defensores de Cax21.28 vip wrong
06/15 18:00ArgentinaYupanquiYupanqui - Real Pilar1-1Real Pilarx3.04 vip correct
06/15 18:00ArgentinaJusto Jose de UrJusto Jose de Ur - Deportivo Paragu1-0Deportivo Paragu11.55 vip correct
06/15 19:00ArgentinaMercedesMercedes - Central Balleste1-1Central Ballestex21.55 vip correct
06/16 18:00ArgentinaPuerto NuevoPuerto Nuevo - Juventud Unida1-1Juventud Unidax21.82 vip correct
06/16 18:00ArgentinaDeportivo MunizDeportivo Muniz - Leandro N Alem3-0Leandro N Alemx3.04 vip wrong
06/16 18:00ArgentinaItuzaingoItuzaingo - CSR Espanol1-0CSR Espanol1x1.16 vip correct
06/16 18:05ArgentinaBerazateguiBerazategui - Argentino de Ros0-0Argentino de Rosx21.86 vip correct
06/18 00:00ArgentinaDeportivo ParaguDeportivo Paragu - YupanquiYupanquix2 vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaReal PilarReal Pilar - BerazateguiBerazategui12 vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaArgentino de RosArgentino de Ros - Sportivo BarracaSportivo Barraca12 vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaDefensores de CaDefensores de Ca - Club LujanClub Lujan12 vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaCA AtlasCA Atlas - El PorvenirEl Porvenirx2 vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaDeportivo EspanoDeportivo Espano - ItuzaingoItuzaingo12 vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaCSR EspanolCSR Espanol - General LamadridGeneral Lamadrid12 vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaVictoriano ArenaVictoriano Arena - Deportivo MunizDeportivo Munizx vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaLeandro N AlemLeandro N Alem - MercedesMercedes1x vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaCentral BallesteCentral Balleste - Central CordobaCentral Cordobax2 vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaClaypoleClaypole - Puerto NuevoPuerto Nuevo12 vip waiting
06/18 00:00ArgentinaJuventud UnidaJuventud Unida - LuganoLugano12 vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaLuganoLugano - ClaypoleClaypole12 vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaPuerto NuevoPuerto Nuevo - Central BallesteCentral Balleste2 vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaCentral CordobaCentral Cordoba - Leandro N AlemLeandro N Alem1x vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaMercedesMercedes - Victoriano ArenaVictoriano Arena12 vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaDeportivo MunizDeportivo Muniz - CSR EspanolCSR Espanol1x vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaGeneral LamadridGeneral Lamadrid - Deportivo EspanoDeportivo Espano1x vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaItuzaingoItuzaingo - CA AtlasCA Atlasx2 vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaEl PorvenirEl Porvenir - Defensores de CaDefensores de Ca12 vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaClub LujanClub Lujan - Argentino de RosArgentino de Rosx2 vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaSportivo BarracaSportivo Barraca - Real PilarReal Pilar2 vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaBerazateguiBerazategui - Deportivo ParaguDeportivo Paragu1 vip waiting
06/22 00:00ArgentinaYupanquiYupanqui - Justo Jose de UrJusto Jose de Ur12 vip waiting
These are all predictions on the type of bet 1x2 of football's matches of Primera C Metro. You can access other types of bets by clicking in the appropriate boxes.
Notes. Goals: both teams score at least one goal --- home score: Score at least one goal the home team --- away score: Score at least one goal the away team